Bill Recovery

Bill Recovery

The "Bill Recovery Program" is one of the cornerstones of the Vantage Etc. list of services. This simple step method is one of the easiest ways our customers receive money with very minimal effort.

Once the billing information is received we will assign an experienced team of auditor’s to the account. We will be looking to review the Gas, Electric and Water invoices in the attempt to find errors and overcharges paid to the local utility throughout the years. In some cases clients have recovered money from billing errors up to 6 years back!

The recovery program is one of the only bill auditing platforms that DOES NOT charge an upfront fee. Basically, if no errors are found the client pays NOTHING!

There are two ways a client can receive money and/or start saving money

  • “FOUND MONEY” - Errors and overcharges are found on historical invoices and money spent on energy was considered gone.
  • “FUTURE MONEY” – Current invoice(s) have errors and the client is being overcharged. If changes to the invoice(s) are not made the client might continue to over-pay the utility.

Thank you again for considering Vantage Etc., we are very confident your company will benefit from our program. We look forward to receiving your information and increasing your Bottom Line!

4 Pieces of Information

  • A copy of the most recent Gas, Electric and/or Water Bill(s) for each location.
  • Company Name and Federal Tax ID number that corresponds to each account.
  • Signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) for each account (if over 10 accounts only one LOA is necessary).
  • Signed bill recovery agreement.

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