Energy Tracking Does your company have an energy tracking system?


At Vantage Etc., we promote that every client that spends $50,000 a year or more on energy should have an energy tracking system. Our team of experts are constantly reviewing energy software for our clients. Whether your organization owns or pays the bills for a residential building, Commercial building, Manufacturing Plant, School, Municipality or any variation there of; there is a tracking systems that will meet your needs.

Some of the functions that tremendously benefit our clients virtually overnight are:

  • Immediate automation which decreases internal administration time and overhead.
  • Automatic usage and cost summaries every month for Gas, Electric, Water, Steam and Oi.
  • Allows management teams to run reports instantly without the administrative burden and lag time.
  • Instant Year to year comparisons to determine how much more or less energy is being used.
  • Local Law e-filing – your state may require energy filing, which can be e-filed.
  • Benchmarking – How is your facility’s energy consumption compared to other facilities in your area?
  • How much energy is your facility burning per square foot?
  • How much is your facility spending on energy per square foot?
  • Graphs and reports play a big role when determining if an energy upgrade is really saving the energy it was promised.

There are many other functions and great benefits the right tracking system can do for you. We will provide an unbiased point of view to make sure the system being implemented has all the bells and whistles your facility is going to need.

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