What We do

Energy: Going Green has become a term nearly everyone is using. The question is, how many companies really know what it takes to "Go Green" or be as close as possible? With over 150 affiliates, Vantage has become one of the leading consulting firms in the industry, working on projects ranging from Solar Instillation, lighting Upgrades, Co-generation Energy systems, Window treatments, procurement through energy supply companies (ESCO), Energy Audits, and many more...


When reviewing an organizations balance sheet, we typically find a large amount of money is overspent on heating and cooling a facility. Throughout the years, thousands of businesses have tremendously increased their bottom line by working with Vantage to conduct a proper energy evaluation. Vantage takes an unbiased approach by reviewing and discovering a facilities inefficiencies. Our specialist will evaluate market solutions, prepare an energy upgrade program, and implement a procurement strategy that will fit your company's needs.


Vantage Etc. specializes in weighing the advantages with the disadvantages of what corporations implement, offer to their staff and spend money on. Combined, our staff has over 100 years of experience encompassing the full range of services we offer. The members of the Vantage Etc. staff have successfully advised thousands of companies and individuals locally, in the tri-state area, throughout the nation and internationally. With clients in virtually every state in the US, London, Singapore, Jerusalem, Italy, and Canada, we have the knowledge and experience needed to properly review, design and implement cutting edge strategies which will directly and indirectly increase an organizations' bottom line.

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